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This limited time event has ended.

  • This event ran from August 27th 2015 to September 7th 2015, and is no longer available to players. Any associated rewards can no longer be acquired through this event.
  • The information in this article is kept and maintained for historical purposes.
  • Square Enix reserves the right to bring back this event and any associated rewards at any time, or make the rewards available from alternate sources.
  • See also: The Rising (2015)

A World Away

Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Nald(X:10.8, Y:10.3)
Quest line
The Rising (2015)
Required items
1 Bug Scrap
1 Engineer's Report

An untimely bug infestation has Nonora tearing her hair out.

※This quest is available for a limited time only.

— In-game description


  • 1 Wind-up Yugiri
  • 1 Wind-up Iceheart
  • A Room with a You


  • Participate in the FATE "Recurring Bugs" in central or western Thanalan.
  • Return to Nonora in Ul'dah.
  • Show the bug scrap to the wandering composer.
  • Show the bug scrap to the wandering translator.
  • Show the bug scrap to the wandering author.
  • Show the bug scrap to the wandering engineer at the Goldsmiths' Guild.
  • Hand the bug scrap and the engineer's report to the wandering minstrel at the Ruby Road Exchange.
  • Speak with Naoki Yoshida.


  • An untimely bug infestation has Nonora tearing her hair out.
    • ※This quest is available for a limited time only.
  • You learn from Nonora, a concerned citizen of Ul'dah, that an invasion of insectoid machines threatens to disrupt the realm's anniversary celebrations. Participate in the FATE "Recurring Bugs" taking place northwest of Black Brush Station in central Thanalan, or in Nophica's Wells in western Thanalan.
    • ※Please note that you will not be able to complete this quest after the seasonal event has ended. For details, check the Lodestone.
  • You fight at the wandering minstrel's side, and turn back the wave of insectoid invaders. Return to the Ruby Road Exchange and report to Nonora.
  • You relay your victory to an appreciative Nonora, but the wandering minstrel is swift to put your achievement into perspective─unless a permanent solution is found, the bugs will continue to proliferate. Take the bug scrap you discovered to the wandering composer nearby, and ask him for his interpretation of the strange sound the object emits.
  • The itinerant composer discerns a definite rhythm and melody amid the noise, and notes a sequence of unfamiliar symbols on the scrap which seem to change in time to the sound. He suggests speaking with his acquaintance─a translator─who may be able to decipher the message. Locate the wandering translator in Arrzaneth Ossuary, and show him the bug scrap.
  • After peering intently at the symbols on the scrap, the translator deciphers two distinct themes: "proliferation" and "command." Unsure of the significance of these words, however, he recommends you speak with yet another visitor to Ul'dah whose eclectic knowledge of ancient civilizations may hold the answers you seek. Find the wandering author and request his assistance.
  • You recount your predicament to the visiting author who is reminded of a passage he came across while researching for a novella set in ancient Allag. It seems that the Allagans once developed a mechanism that allowed for the mass production of mechanical armaments. Seek out the wandering engineer at the Goldsmiths' Guild, and invite him to speculate upon the exact nature of the mechanism at work.
  • After explaining the purpose of the signal emitted by the scrap, the engineer reasons that playing a specific melody upon the bugs' defeat could interfere with the replication command. Take the scrap and the engineer's report, and return to the wandering minstrel at the Ruby Road Exchange.
  • You hand the engineer's report to the waiting minstrel, and share with him the rest of your findings. Inspired by the talented souls that jointly crafted a solution to the bug problem, he feels moved to compose an ode on the spot. The song has scarcely begun, however, when your mind is whisked away to another world introduced to you as the "Eighteenth Floor." When you are ready, approach the man in charge of this strange place: one "Naoki Yoshida."
  • On behalf of the Eighteenth Floor's resident creators, Naoki Yoshida thanks you for your heroic deeds in the realm of Eorzea. Before you can ask how he and his colleagues came to hear of your tale, you awaken in Ul'dah as if nothing had happened. Unperturbed, you resolve to enjoy the festivities and evening fireworks alongside Nonora and the wandering minstrel. May the souls lost to the Calamity find peace in the realm's rebirth.

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