Student Engagement & Leadership (2024)

The Office of Student Engagement and Leadership (SEAL) supports and fosters the development of student-led co-curricular and extracurricular activities at Emerson. Students have the opportunity to be involved in management, leadership, and interpersonal relationships that encourage them to develop both personally and professionally while building meaningful networks with fellow students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members. Emerson clubs and organizations are housed under SEAL and provide students with valuable opportunities to connect their classroom learning to practical experiences outside the classroom.

In addition, Student Engagement and Leadership supports the campus community through the management of 172 Tremont spaces, the Student Performance Center within the Little Building, and other community spaces. SEAL also oversees the implementation of the Emerson Recognition and Achievement (ERA) Awards, Student Organization Workshops, monthly events through Emerson Mane Events (EME), Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL), and Leadership opportunities.

Student Organization Specific Policies and Processes

*Many policies and processes are supported by multiple offices across campus. If you have specific questions about a policy or process please feel free to email seal [at]

SEAL maintains registered student organization specific policies and processes that ensure the safety and security of our campus community, and center student growth and development.

  • Advisor
  • Interest Groups (formerly known as Independent Organization)
  • EmConnect Management
  • Membership Removal
  • On-Campus Events and Reserving Campus Spaces
  • Off-campus Events
  • Non Academic Student Travel
  • Obtaining Rights
  • Film Production
  • Fundraising
  • Contracts
  • Campus Poster Policy


All registered student organizations are required to have a faculty or staff member serve as an official advisor to their organization. This role must be included on the organization’s EmConnect roster and the advisor must sign the Advisor Agreement each semester. Exact duties of the advisor may differ from organization to organization. We expect student organizations to confirm an advisor's commitment at the beginning of every semester and to communicate with their advisor regularly on the management and planning of their organization.

Failure to have a faculty or staff advisor will result in your organization being classified as an Interest Group, and losing access to organization benefits and privileges, including but not limited to funds being frozen, limited access to resources, or loss of the privilege to reserve certain spaces on campus. Organizations will have a 30 day grace period to find a new advisor once SEAL has been formally notified. Students must notify SEAL within 3 business days of an Advisor’s intent to end their responsibility as the organization's advisor.

To formally notify SEAL of an Advisor’s departure; organizations must:

  1. Submit a formal email from the current advisor stating their intent to step down from the role OR
  2. Email SEAL [at] to set up a meeting to discuss removing advisor from current role

Please note: The responsibility of finding a new advisor lies with the organization.

Interest Groups (formerly known as Independent Organizations)

Emerson College does not endorse the views or activities of any interest groups and requires that interest groups remain in compliance with SEAL and the Code of Community Standards.

Membership in an interest group and participation in its activities are voluntary and all risks of personal injury, property damage, or other losses that occur incidental to membership or participation in activities are assumed solely by the individual member(s) and other participant(s).

Interest groups are not official components of the College. Interest groups are permitted to have external affiliations and may be part of an incorporated external organization with approval from SGA/SEAL. Any off-campus activities of interest groups are the sole responsibility of the organization, officers, and members and are not sanctioned by Emerson College.

Please refer to the Interest Group Policy for more information, the policy can be found in the Student Organization Handbook on EmConnect.

EmConnect Management

EmConnect is the official place of record for all student organizations. To maintain registration status with the college, all student organizations must update their roster at the beginning of each semester. Failure to update positions (and remove former members) may result in probation or loss of registration status for your organization, which could result in a loss of funding or other privileges.

All SGA funded organizations must manage their finances through their EmConnect account including submitting all financial requests as stated in SGA Treasury Handbook.

EmConnect is also where all organizational constitutions are held. Each organization should have a constitution and by-laws which should be uploaded each semester and must reflect any changes in leadership, processes, or policies.

Leadership/Membership Removal

SEAL must ensure all students have the right and access to participate in educational activities across campus. As such, a student organization does not have the right to remove another student from participation in their club or organization without consultation with Student Engagement and Leadership, Community Standards, and/or Office of Equal Opportunity.

Leadership removal can occur if an organization leader is found to be unable/unwilling to perform their respective duties, as outlined within the organization constitution. To initiate a formal removal of a leadership position, a student organization must notify SEAL leadership. SEAL Leadership will meet with the reporting students to best determine appropriate next steps, if any.

In general, student organizations do not have the right to remove a member without prior approval from the Director of SEAL. Membership removal must be connected to sanctions provided by the Office of Community Standards or the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) or as a result of a violation of the approved organization constitution/bylaws.

If an organization needs to report a potential violation of the Code of Community Standards, you may do so via Share a Concern. If you have been impacted by discrimination, harassment, or sexual violence, resources are available at the Office of Equal Opportunity (oeo [at]; 617-824-8999) to meet with you and discuss options to address concerns and to provide you with support resources. Individuals may request supportive measures including no contact orders, stay away directives, by working with OEO.

On-Campus Events and Reserving Campus Spaces

All on-campus events hosted by a student organization require endorsem*nt from their advisor, and logistical coordination and communication with the managing department of the space.

All community members may utilize Spacebook to access, view, and reserve specific locations on campus. Spacebook is accessible through any standard internet browser at

Organizations are required to reserve spaces under their organization name, and not as an individual student.Access to forms to request certain spaces, such as classrooms, special venues, or promotional tables, are limited to registered student organizations. Students listed as Officers within their organization on EmConnect will automatically be granted access to these forms on Spacebook. Organizations are encouraged to ensure their roster is up to date on EmConnect, and should reach out to SEAL if support is needed.

Spaces on campus may have their own guidelines or policies for reserving or utilizing the spaces. Please contact the managing department of that space for specifics. Cancellations should be made in advance online or by contacting the managing department. All college policies must be complied with at all times within the spaces.

Individuals and/or organizations reserving the room may be held responsible for any damages to equipment or physical spaces while utilizing the space. Fines may be levied for cleaning or damages if applicable.

Failure to abide by the space guidelines may result in a policy violation and limit on future bookings.

Off-Campus Events

Events held off-campus using, or implying, the Emerson College name, utilizing the Emerson College accounting system and SGA allocated funds, or off-campus events publicized on campus are subject to the same College policies and procedures as events held on campus. In addition, to utilize an off-campus facility, students must arrange for a contract between the facility and the College. The Director of Student Engagement and Leadership is the College designee authorized to enter into contractual agreements with an off campus facility on behalf of the student organization. Advisors and students are not permitted to sign contracts.

Non-Academic Student Travel

Any student organization who wishes to travel for a sanctioned organization event/trip needs SEAL approval. Approval may only be granted after details of the trip are submitted via the Trip Registration form (located on the ). This form must be completed at least:

  • For Local Trip (Greater Boston area/New England Area) Two Weeks prior to Travel
  • For Out-of-state trip – 30 days prior to Travel
  • For International Trip – 90 days prior to Travel

Student organizations are required to work with SEAL for any travel accommodations. Student organizations are also required to submit Purchase Request forms for each travel expenditure, including but not limited to: Charter service, ride sharing, ground or public transportation, airfare, rental vehicles, conference registration, and hotel accommodations. This process allows organizations to record purchases made prior to the trip, ensure organizations have enough funds to cover the travel expenses, as well as any reimbursem*nts that need to be made.

Staff/Faculty chaperone(s) are required, pending trip details. Staff/Faculty chaperone(s) and trip participants are responsible for the safety and security of the properties rented for any travel. All students must sign a liability waiver before going on the trip.

In order to participate in a trip, all student participants must be in good disciplinary standing with the college.

In case of an emergency, SEAL and ECPD will have a record of your trip details and a list of all participants and their emergency contacts.

Obtaining Rights

Organizations or individuals wishing to put on a production are required to obtain the rights/license for copyrighted works, including theatrical productions, film, or media screenings. Any organization or student(s) who do not obtain the rights for any theatrical performance or film screening could lose the privilege of hosting film screenings or theatrical performances as determined by the Student Engagement and Leadership office. Loss of privileges could include: loss of access to org financial spending, inability to book on and off campus spaces, etc.

Films can only be screened without obtaining the rights if they are for educational purposes within an academic curriculum (i.e. professors showing films in a classroom). Organizations cannot forgo obtaining rights by stating the screening is for an educational purpose.

Rights are required for any public screening held in a venue accessible to the Emerson Community. This includes all areas (including classroom locations) on campus that are not used for academic purposes, with the exception of private spaces within the residence halls.

All rights must be purchased by the SEAL office at least 30 days before the event. Students and organization advisors are NOT authorized to purchase/sign contracts for rights on behalf of the College.

Student organizations are not permitted to publicize, rehearse, or audition, without the purchasing of the appropriate rights.

Theatrical/Film Productions

SEAL works closely with the Department of Visual & Media Arts to support students and student organizations in their film productions. All film productions, whether in a student organization or an academic project, are required to register and abide by the Visual and Media Arts Student Production and Safety Policies. As part of our policy, all film shoots must be submitted via the VMA Portal, located on the VMA Student Production and Safety Guidelines.

The VMA Portal allows students to submit projects, safety forms, insurance forms, location permits, minors guidelines, contracts, locations, and other necessary documents which are required for approval by the VMA Safety Director and respective space managers.

Any weapons/props used for filmingor theatrical productions must receive approval from ECPD by filling out Prop Weapon Approval Form found on ECPD Webpage.


Individual students are not permitted to use Emerson resources or facilities to raise funds for themselves or personal projects.

Registered organizations may only participate in fundraising activities, including ticket or other sales and collecting donations, that abide by the fundraising policy which can be found in the Student Treasury Handbook on EmConnect.

Personally made food items are prohibited for fundraising. Any food being sold as a fundraiser must be pre-packaged.

All funds raised by student organizations must be deposited into their student organization account by dropping off any funds raised to Campus Life Walker 411. Student Organizations may collect funds via cash and personal check. Personal peer to peer payment apps are not recommended for fundraising.

Students enrolled in the Business Studies and Entrepreneurial Studies E3 programs are exempted during academic events, such as the E3 Expo, with approval from the Director of Student Engagement and Leadership, as well as faculty members.

More information on fundraising can be found in the SGA Treasury Handbook on EmConnect.


For events, performers, rights, outside services (e.g. art work, video/music editing), or venues, a contract must be reviewed and signed by the Director of Student Engagement and Leadership. Advisors and students are not permitted to sign contracts.

If your event or program requires a contract, please contact the Director of Student Engagement and Leadership at least six weeks prior to the event. We are unable to pay Emerson Students, staff, or faculty using student organization funds.

Campus Poster Policy

All currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students & student organizations must have their posters reviewed and approved for posting. Posters are defined as digital (including social media and EmConnect) or printed material whose purpose is to publicize or inform the Emerson community about a certain event, audition process, call for applications etc., that an organization or individual may be holding. Postings that do not meet that definition are not allowed.

All non-academic posters must have an official Student Engagement & Leadership (SEAL) Approval Stamp. Student organizations are strongly encouraged to show posters to their advisors prior to obtaining a registration stamp.

Approval can be requested by individual students solely for postings concerning academic-approved projects.

All posters by student organizations must be reviewed and approved through Campus Life for posting. All hard-copy postings must have an official Campus Life Approval Stamp. We do not accept any digital submissions for physical postings.

Poster Guidelines

  • All posters must include an Emerson College email address and name of sponsoring student organization clearly listed on the poster for approval.
  • Posters may be placed on bulletin boards found within campus buildings using tacks only. No posters may be placed on walls, in elevators, stairwells, fire escapes, doors, windows, bathroom stalls, mirrors, fences, light posts, or trees, or attached to surfaces with staples, tapes, or other adhesives. Failure to comply will result in your poster being removed, potential loss of posting privileges, student organization registration, and potential referral to Community Standards.
  • Individuals and groups may not post or place any poster without the original copy being stamped by Campus Life. Unregistered postings will be removed and the student organization or individual will be contacted.
  • All registered posters will receive an approval sticker with a designation that denotes the end posting date. Posters will be approved for up to 3 weeks of posting. Groups may copy that poster for more general distribution.
  • Poster approval does not imply College endorsem*nt.
  • Student/student organizations are expected to remove their notices when their event has passed.
  • If you make any edits/alterations to your poster after it has been approved, you MUST get the poster reapproved by Campus Life.
  • No postings may be placed or distributed that allude to, depict, promote, invite, or encourage alcohol or other illegal drug consumption whether for a party, event, or otherwise.
  • Non–Emerson related events and activities will not be approved for posting.
  • Postings that contain false/non-factual information will not receive an approval stamp. Any posters looking to inform the campus community about particular topics, current events, social issues, etc. must contain citations of where information was obtained from and must be credible sources.
  • Postings cannot be used with the purpose to harm, bully, or harass other Emerson community members/organizations and must follow Emerson College’s Code of Community Standards. These postings will not be approved and may be subject to investigation by the Office of Community Standards and the SEAL office, if deemed necessary.
  • Proof of written permission must be shown in order to use the name or image of any individuals/groups on the poster. Permission must be shared with Campus Life before approval is granted.
  • Advertised events, services, and educational information cannot be in violation of policies outlined in the Student Code of Community Standards.
  • Emerson College student organization’s EmConnect and other college-hosted digital event or information postings must abide by the Emerson College Poster Policy.
  • If items are posted in violation of this policy, an individual or group may lose their posting privileges. Posting non-approved material may also result in a referral to Community Standards for determination of whether Community Standards have been violated.

Please refer to the Campus Posting Policy for more information as well as locations of bulletin boards.


Any organizational or individual behavior or activity that violates the Hazing Policy is prohibited and subject to investigation by the Office of Community Standards and/or SEAL.


Want to get connected to campus resources? Looking for a specific Office? Please visit for a full understanding of the resources Emerson offers.

Academic Affairs

TheOffice of Academic Affairs oversees all academic-related activities. It is responsible for academic policies and procedures, accreditation, strategic planning, assessment of student learning, faculty development, program reviews, academic departments and student support offices including the School of Communication, School of the Arts, the Marlboro Institute of Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies, and graduate programs.

Please visit for all Academic related policies. Note, as an Emerson Student you are to know and follow all listed policies.

Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO)


oeo [at] (oeo[at]emerson[dot]edu)

The Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) is responsible for addressing all issues of discrimination, harassment and sexual violence (sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, sexual exploitation) for students, staff and faculty. This would include conduct based on any of the protected categories, such as race, color, national origin, ethnicity, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, religion, disability, age, and other protected identities. Anyone who has experienced this conduct can work with OEO to get support resources and learn more about what options are available to address the incident. You can submit information to OEO online.

Intercultural Student Affairs

Intercultural Student Affairs at Emerson centers humanity, compassion, and education at the forefront of everything we do. We honor, celebrate, and validate the narratives of marginalized voices, and in turn, support community-based advocacy, reflection, and action. In short, we want to create and hold space where people can be who they are.

Student Accessibility Services

Student Accessibility Services (SAS), strives to create an inclusive campus environment for students, allowing them to have full access to courses, programs, and activities during their time at Emerson College. We coordinate accommodations and support services that promote equal access for undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities.

Student Care & Support

The Student Care and Support Office receives referrals from students, faculty, staff, etc. about students of concern. The Office works with key partners on campus to provide support for those students with a goal of helping them succeed academically and personally. Our ability to connect your concerns with the concerns of others means we are able to provide a greater level of support for each student involved.

Student Engagement & Leadership (2024)
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