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February 6, 2024 Important Update for ERAP Applicants

Please beware of fraudulent websites claiming to collect ERAP information on behalf of New York State. If you need to access your ERAP account, only use the official New York State ERAP Portal (https://nysrenthelp.otda.ny.gov/en/). Please exercise caution and avoid sharing personal information on unauthorized websites.

If you have additional questions, please see the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page.

New York State ERAP applications are no longer being accepted.

Applications submitted before the application portal closed on January 20, 2023, including applications from subsidized housing tenants whose rent is limited to a certain percentage of income (including public housing, section 8 and FHEPS), are being reviewed and will continue to be processed in the order received, consistent with State law and program rules.

Tenants and landlords may continue to upload required documentation through the ERAP Portal for pending submitted applications.

Legal service providers are still helping both tenants and landlords with ERAP applications. They can provide internet access, assist with uploading documentation, and answer other questions that you might have: Free Legal Services.

The following applications submitted to the ERAP portal will be denied:

  • Households that have income over 80 percent of area median income
  • Households that have already received 12 months of ERAP assistance for rental arrears
  • Households that live in the following communities with income up to 80 percent area median income, are not participating in the New York State ERAP program. Households should apply through their local program. This list is subject to change and changes will be noted on this OTDA website.

    • Town of Hempstead
    • Town of Islip
    • Town of Oyster Bay

Notification Regarding Applications for Households with Income over 80% AMI

The state-funded program serving households with income over 80 percent and up to 120 percent of area median income closed to new applications on February 14, 2022.

Where you can receive immediate assistance

Households who need immediate assistance with help paying for rental arrears, ongoing rent, food or providing heating assistance may apply for assistance through:

  • Their local department of social services office.
  • For areas outside of New York City: myBenefits
  • The United Way Helpline, which has access to various local services throughout the state. They can be reached by phone by dialing 211.
  • New York City residents can obtain information on various local services by calling 311 or by visiting ACCESS HRA.

Tenant Protections

Please refer to the ERAP FAQ's for an explanation of the tenant protections associated with ERAP.

Upload Tenant Documents Check Application Status

For Owners

There are two programs an Owner may participate in: Emergency Rental Assistance Program and Landlord Rental Assistance Program.

Emergency Rental Assistance Program:

This program will provide assistance to low and moderate income households at risk of experiencing homelessness or housing instability by providing rental arrears, temporary rental assistance and utility arrears assistance. Owners cannot apply for ERAP without the participation of their tenants. For more information, see each of the following links:

Landlord Rental Assistance Program:

August 4, 2023 Important Update on LRAP

Applications for the Landlord Rental Assistance Program (LRAP) are no longer being accepted. Consistent with the State law, OTDA is processing all LRAP applications for property owners who own a building with 20 or fewer units that were submitted prior to the LRAP application closing date of November 21st, 2021.

Due to the number of applications received, OTDA is currently only able to process applications from property owners who own a building with 20 or more units that were submitted by and including November 18, 2021.

Property owners who already submitted a complete application may still access their accounts and upload any required documentation. This notification will be updated if additional funding becomes available to pay eligible applications from property owners who own a building with 20 or more units submitted after November 18, 2021.

Property owners of units where the tenant household's rent is limited to a percentage of household income will not be assessed for eligibility until all other applications have been considered and will receive assistance only if funds remain available. The impacted types of housing include: tenants receiving a Section 8 Housing Choice voucher, a project-based Section 8 voucher or those who reside in public housing or other housing situations where rent is limited to a set percentage of their income.

LRAP provides assistance to landlords whose tenant has left an apartment in New York State with unpaid rental arrears or the landlord has a tenant with rental arrears who is residing in an apartment in New York State who refuses to apply for ERAP.

To apply for either Program, Owners must register for an account and complete a W9 form.

Register Here!

Home Page - ERAP Portal (2024)
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