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Auteur: Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  • 19 november 2019
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Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Ralph Waldo Emerson, the son of a Unitarian minister and a chaplain during the American Revolution, was born in 1803 in Boston. He attended the Boston Latin School, and in 1817 entered Harvard, graduating in 1820. Emerson supported himself as a schoolteacher from 1821-26. In 1826 he was ""approbated to preach,"" and in 1829 became pastor of the Scond Church (Unitarian) in Boston. That same year he married Ellen Louise Tucker, who was to die of tuberculosis only seventeen months later. In 1832 Emerson resigned his pastorate and traveled to Eurpe, where he met Coleridge, Wordsworth, and Carlyle. He settled in Concord, Massachusetts, in 1834, where he began a new career as a public lecturer, and married Lydia Jackson a year later. A group that gathered around Emerson in Concord came to be known as ""the Concord school,"" and included Bronson Alcott, Henry David Thoreau, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Margaret Fuller. Every year Emerson made a lecture tour; and these lectures were the source of most of his essays. Nature (1836), his first published work, contained the essence of his transcendental philosophy , which views the world of phenomena as a sort of symbol of the inner life and emphasizes individual freedom and self-reliance. Emerson's address to the Phi Beta Kappa society of Harvard (1837) and another address to the graduating class of the Harvard Divinity School (1838) applied his doctrine to the scholar and the clergyman, provoking sharp controversy. An ardent abolitionist, Emerson lectured and wrote widely against slavery from the 1840's through the Civil War. His principal publications include two volumes of Essays (1841, 1844), Poems (1847), Representative Men (1850), The Conduct of Life (1860), and Society and Solitude (1870). He died of pneumonia in 1882 and was buried in Concord."

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Ralph Waldo Emerson's collection of Essays offers a profound exploration of transcendentalist philosophy, encouraging readers to trust their intuition and embrace self-reliance. Emerson's eloquent prose and poetic language reflect the ideals of individualism and the connection between humanity and nature. Each essay delves into the complexities of human existence, advocating for nonconformity and the pursuit of personal growth. Written in the mid-19th century, these essays remain relevant today, inspiring readers to seek their own truths and live authentically. Emerson's unique blend of philosophical insight and literary artistry sets his work apart as a timeless classic. Ralph Waldo Emerson, a leading figure in the transcendentalist movement, drew inspiration from nature, philosophy, and his own spiritual beliefs. His Essays reflect his commitment to challenging societal norms and embracing the inherent goodness of humanity. Emerson's intellectual curiosity and introspective nature shine through in his writing, making him a significant voice in American literature. Readers seeking profound insights into human nature, spirituality, and the pursuit of truth will find Emerson's Essays a captivating and enlightening read. This collection serves as a timeless guide for those on a journey of self-discovery and philosophical exploration, encouraging readers to embrace their inner wisdom and live authentically.

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Oorspronkelijke releasedatum
19 november 2019

Ebook Formaat
Adobe ePub


Ralph Waldo Emerson
Edna Henry Lee Turpin

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Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson (ebook), Ralph Waldo Emerson | 4057664143808 | Boeken | bol (2024)
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