Building Homes for New South Wales: First sites identified (2024)

Published: 1 July 2024

Released by: Minister for Housing, Minister for Lands and Property


The Minns Labor Government is delivering on its commitment to leverage surplus government land to build more homes, more quickly, with the first tranche of sites announced today.

In the recent budget, the NSW Government announced it will deliver up to 30,000 well-located homes, close to infrastructure and transport, with amenities and work opportunities, with surplus land to be made available for housing over the next four years.

Following a comprehensive statewide audit of government land, a former clothing store precinct in the heart of Sydney is among the first of four sites identified as being suitable to deliver much needed social and affordable housing stock.

Located in the Carriageworks Precinct in North Eveleigh, the historic Clothing Store sub-precinct is located close to essential infrastructure and services like, train stations, shops, and open spaces.

To be developed by Homes NSW, this site will allow for approximately 500 new dwellings to be built, 50 per cent of which will be social and affordable homes.

Planning, due diligence and design work will now begin prior to construction.

Under the former government this site has been left neglected, with the first concept designs first announced in 2008.

A further three sites that will made available for housing include:

  • 301 Samantha Riley Drive, Kellyville: Currently this site, located adjacent to Rouse Hill Metro station, is expected to deliver between 75-83 new home, 50 per cent of which will be social and affordable, to be delivered by Homes NSW.
  • 72, 82 and 86 Menangle Road, Camden: Approximately 10 social and affordable homes will be built on this site, delivered by Homes NSW.
  • WestConnex Dive site, Parramatta Road, Camperdown: Over 100 homes will be delivered in a mixed use development on this site, to be delivered in partnership with the private sector.

The Minns Labor Government is determined to pull every lever to address the housing affordability and availability crisis in New South Wales. Today’s announcement is an important step as the Government works to deliver the housing New South Wales need.

The NSW Government is making an unprecedented intervention in the housing market, with $5.1 billion being invested to deliver new public housing on well-located sites like, Clothing Store Precinct in North Eveleigh.

In a major step to help those escaping family and domestic violence, over 50 per cent of new homes will be built for victim-survivors of family and domestic violence.

Now that these sites have been identified further due diligence and planning will take place.

Additional sites assessed as suitable for housing delivery will continue to be announced over coming months.

Premier of New South Wales Chris Minns said:

“We know that housing affordability and availability is the single biggest pressure facing the people of New South Wales, and that without an immediate, comprehensive intervention, Sydney is at risk of becoming a city with no young people.

“We are prioritising building better homes for New South Wales, to ensure we continue to address the housing crisis for renters, people wanting to enter the housing market, and the most vulnerable members of our community.

“The site in North Eveleigh is an example of the importance of the property audit. Well located spaces, close to vital infrastructure and transport should not be left unused – and under this Government they won’t.”

Minister for Housing and Homelessness Rose Jackson said

“This is the NSW Government showing that pulling every lever can result in action. Without this land audit, these sites may have sat idle for decades, but in just a few years there will be families and communities calling these places home.”

“We had a very clear directive to scour the state for any possible piece of land that can be turned into housing and we’re delighted with the results so far.

Minister for Lands and Property Steve Kamper said:

“The NSW Government has been clear from day one, we need to address the housing crisis and we need to do it with a whole-of-government approach. The Property Audit is a complex process that has never been done before by the NSW Government for the purpose of delivering housing.

“The first tranche of sites from the Property Audit will assist the NSW Government in it’s plan build 30,000 new homes, including 8,400 public homes.

“Under the former Government, we saw what happened when you sit on your hands as things get more and more unaffordable. Our Government will leave no stone unturned to deliver on our states housing needs.”

Building Homes for New South Wales: First sites identified (2024)
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