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Frequently​ Asked Questions

Is the Shelter open to Walk-in Traffic?

The Bradshaw Animal Shelter is reopen for all walk-in services Tuesday-Sunday,excluding holidays.​Please check our Facebook page​ for updates.

Hours of Operation:
Intake Hours:

Tuesday - Sunday Noon - 4pm Wed* Noon - 5:30pm
For assistance with stray animals outside of these hours, please dial 311.

How can I adopt a shelter pet?

We are processing adoptions on a first-come, first-serve basis Tuesday-Sunday, excluding holidays.​ No appointment necessary.For details, view our adoption process page​.

How can I foster a shelter pet?

​Please fill out ourFoster Pledge Information Request​. Send any questions to our Foster Team​. For more information about our Foster Program, visit our Foster Program webpage​.​​

What if my lost pet is at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter?

If your pet is at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter, please visit us at 3839 Bradshaw Road Tuesday-Sunday, excluding holidays. Redemption fees and other fees may apply. For details, view our online fee schedule​. To view a list of strays currently at our shelter, please visit​the Lost and Found Pets Page​.

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday - SundayNoon - 5pm*WedNoon - 6pm​

What if I find a stray pet?

We are currently accepting stray pets from the unincorporated Sacramento County Tuesday-Sunday, excluding holidays. We are located at 3839 Bradshaw Road, Sacramento, CA. Call 311 for help determining thecorrect shelter jurisdiction​.​

If you find a stray pet in the community, the best option is to try and reunitethe pet with its' owner. For more details on how to reunite pets with their owners and a list of resources, visit theHave you foundmypet?​section on the Lost and Found Pet Page.​

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday - SundayNoon - 5pm*WedNoon - 6pm​​​

Where can I find resources if I lost my pet?

Owners of lost pets should visit​ and follow thesteps at the top of the page. Our list of lost pets currently at the shelter is updated every30 minutes.

Is the Feral Cat Return to Field (RTF) Program open?

Our RTF program is open with the following requirements:

  • Up to two cats per person, per week
  • We are open Tuesday-Sunday, excluding holidays.
  • Pick up dates are generally the day after surgery, please check with staff
  • Cats must be from the unincorporated SacramentoCounty

For more details about our RTF Program, please visit the RTF page​.Alternatively,Animal Outreachmay have availabilityat 530-642-2287 for spay/neuterappointments at their facility in Diamond Springs, as well as our friends next door at theCommunity Spay and Neuter​ (CSN). To schedule a spay/neuter appointment with CSN, call916-368-7314.

​For more information about Feral Cats and trapping, please visit​.

Hours of Operation:

Intake Hours:

Tuesday - Sunday Noon - 4pm Wed* Noon - 5:30pm
For assistance with stray animals outside of these hours, please dial 311.​

Is the Dog Park open?

Yes. The Bark Park remains open.​

Does the shelter need donations?

The shelter is always grateful for donations and a list of items can be found by help with special medical needs, monetarydonations made payable to the shelter’s non-profit affiliate, T.E.A.M. are alwaysappreciated. Visit​ to donate today.

Can I still license my pet?

Yes.Licenses are being processed online, by mail and via walk-ins.

  • Online: Renew your license online at
  • By Mail: Send a completed application, check, proof of spay/neuter, and proofof rabies vaccinationto: Bradshaw Animal Shelter, 3839 Bradshaw Road,Sacramento, CA 95827
  • Walk-In: License purchases during open hoursat the shelter Tuesday-Sunday, except holidays. Current rabiescertificate is required.Licenses are $15 for altered pets and $50 for unaltered pets.

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday - Sunday Noon - 5pm *Wed Noon - 6pm​​​

How can I clear a citation?

Citations can be cleared via walk-ins at the shelter Tuesday-Sunday, excluding holidays.​

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday - Sunday Noon - 5pm *WedNoon- 6pm​​​

I am having trouble caring for my pet due to financial hardship. Where can I find "Pet Owner in Need" resources regarding COVID-19?

We have reopened ourPet Food Pantry along with other services and resources to help Pet Owners in Need.​

Pet Food Pantry

  • Pet owners in need may pick up food once a month Tuesday-Sunday 12pm-5pm, excluding holidays.​
  • Appointments are recommended by​or calling our appointment line at 916-875-2287 between 9:30 am and 3:30 pm Tuesday - Sunday.

You can also find helpful tips on how to keep your pet, rehoming information, low cost vaccination and spay/neuter information, as affordable veterinary services in your area. For more information,​.

Where can I receive updates and resources regarding COVID-19?

For updates and resources, please visit​.

Where can I find low-cost vaccinations and spay or neuter surgeries in the Sacramento area?

Low-cost vaccines and affordable vet servicesare available at many locations in our region. For details, visit​our Rabies, Vaccination & Microchipping webpage​or visit​ For spay and neuter services, visit a list of other spay and neuter services in our region, visit​.


Bradshaw Animal Shelter (2024)
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