4 Santa Barbara Resorts for a Wellness-Focused Getaway (2024)

Up your wellness game in the American Riviera with a stay at one of these four resorts in Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara is affectionately referred to as the “American Riviera” due to its striking resemblance to the Mediterranean coastal region of the French and Italian Riviera.

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  1. The Ritz-Carlton Bacara
  2. El Encanto, A Belmond Hotel
  3. Hotel Californian
  4. San Ysidro Ranch

The nickname highlights the sweeping coastline, pleasant climate and upscale lifestyle reminiscent of the luxurious atmosphere found in the Riviera.

The city’s Spanish colonial architecture, palm-lined streets and stunning beaches further contribute to its comparison with the glamorous Riviera destinations. Each corner reveals a new invitation to wellness: from the aromatic scent of salt in the air, promising invigorating morning walks along the shore, to the whisper of the olive and palm trees, guiding you to your next yoga session in a sun-dappled courtyard.

Whether you’re drawn to the healing powers of the ocean, the nurturing presence of nature or the sanctuary side of the American Riviera, Santa Barbara stands as a haven of health and well-being.

Four Wellness Resorts in Santa Barbara

Find solace at these four Santa Barbara resorts, where you can recharge and rediscover the joy of being.

1. The Ritz-Carlton Bacara

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The Ritz-Carlton Bacara is a luxurious coastal resort offering an unforgettable stay with a variety of bespoke services and amenities. The resort features stunning Pacific Ocean views from the balconies of its lavish suites, including the expansive two-bedroom Ritz-Carlton Suite. Dining options are diverse, offering everything from modern steakhouse cuisine to Latin dishes.

The resort prioritizes body-mind harmony, offering an extensive menu of therapeutic services in its expansive spa. Guests can unwind in the luxurious facilities, including swimming pool, redwood sauna, eucalyptus steam room, fireside lounges and rooftop terrace.

2. El Encanto, A Belmond Hotel

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Trade the stress of city life for balmy air and azure ocean views. Guest rooms and suites invite coastal-style serenity with a blend of airy textures and locally carved furnishings that echo the tranquility outside.The hilltop retreat remains a top choice for guests seeking luxury, wellness and environmental consciousness.

The spa promises a sublime escape with its outdoor saltwater infinity pool, fully equipped gym and exceptional massages and treatments. The hotel also facilitates electric bikes for exploring the area and can prepare picnics for beach outings. In warmer months, guests can enjoy al fresco movie nights, adding to the myriad of experiences available during their stay.

3. Hotel Californian

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Part history, part imagination and full-on California, this quintessential destination continues to redefine luxury in the American Riviera. Boasting luxurious accommodations inspired by Moorish and Spanish Colonial architecture, this coastal gem offers an array of wellness amenities.

Guests can unwind with yoga sessions overlooking the Pacific Ocean, indulge in farm-to-table cuisine or pamper themselves with rejuvenating spa treatments using locally sourced ingredients.

Living up to its reputation as the front door of Santa Barbara’s vibrant Funk Zone, a stay here is ideal for ditching the car and wandering through the neighborhood.

4. San Ysidro Ranch

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San Ysidro Ranch is a legendary hideaway known for its natural beauty, romantic heritage and classic luxury. The ranch offers ultimate seclusion with thirty-eight vine-covered cottages nestled in beautifully landscaped gardens under a canopy of stately sycamores and gnarled oaks, making it a destination unplugged from the rest of the world​.

The high-end amenities cater to a luxurious stay, including award-winning restaurants, a world-renowned wine cellar, private dining and event venues, a heated swimming pool, signature salon and spa and access to private hiking trails and golf courses. Additionally, the ranch has a pampered pets program, welcoming four-legged family members with special amenities and services.

Santa Barbara for Your Next Wellness Getaway

These four Santa Barbara resorts offer a unique opportunity to reset and focus on health and well-being. So, whether you’re looking to detox, destress or simply indulge in self-care, Santa Barbara’s wellness-focused resorts provide the perfect backdrop for a transformative getaway.

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4 Santa Barbara Resorts for a Wellness-Focused Getaway (2024)
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